DNA Damage & Repair Selection

Which include HDAC,DNA/RNA Synthesis,Topoisomerase

Preferred Elements DNA cause harm to & Routine maintenance Catalogue

KU-55933  CAS No. 587871-26-9

KU-55933  (Atm unit Kinase Inhibitor) is definitely a effective and particular Atm equipment inhibitor with IC50/Ki of 12.9 nM/2.2 nM in portable-free of charge assays, which happens to be highly distinct for Cash machine unit when compared to DNA-PK, PI3K/PI4K, ATR and mTOR.

Marbofloxacin CAS No. 115550-35-1

Marbofloxacin is in reality a potent doctor prescribed prescription antibiotic suppressing bacterial DNA duplication.

Entinostat (MS-275) CAS No. 209783-80-2

Entinostat (MS-275)  strongly inhibits HDAC1 and HDAC3 with IC50 of .51 μM and 1.7 μM, when compared with HDACs 4, 6, 8, and 10. Point 3.

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